DepartmentCinema, Advertising and Show Business


The Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business brings together professors, artists and scholars in the fields of dramaturgy, film directing and production, Film and TV cinematography, fine arts, graphic design, advertising, animation and photography. Prominent figures of contemporary Bulgarian art are part of the department.

The Department organizes and participates in national and international festivals, exhibitions and events in advertising featuring work of its faculty and students, such as:
The New Wave annual international student film festival
The festival of film novellas, created by the participants in Georgi Dyulgerov’s Film Directing Masterclass;
The Varna Animation Film Festival, where the Department is not only a participant, but is also involved in the organization;
The annual Animation Workshop in Varvara;
The annual participation in the international specialized exhibition International Photography Meetings, Plovdiv;
The annual Advertisement Academy
The annual Innovation Academy



The Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business is the initiator, organizer and participant in scholarly fora, conferences and seminars in its field of study. Members of the Department are authors of scientific, artistic and specialized literature published by the NBU Publishing House and other national print and electronic media.


Public events organized by the Department are widely known among professionals, members of the academic and the cultural community. The audiovisual productions, created in the University are regularly presented at in-house, national and international fora.


The faculty of the Department have participated in a number of cultural events and have received a number of prestigious awards. These range from grants won for documentary, fiction and animation projects and participation in exhibitions and conferences to media appearances and programmes, participation in national and international panels, awards from national and international competitions and festivals.

The Cinema, Advertising and Show Business department offers some of the most attractive majors in contemporary arts and technology: film and television directing and dramaturgy, cinematography, art theory and history, graphic design, advertising, animation, photography. The teaching team includes both eminent figures from the history of Bulgarian art and young specialists who have proved to be leading theoreticians and practitioners in their fields.


The active and innovative work of the department (both in research and in the arts) is reflected most vividly through the realization of graduate students.


The Department has existed for twenty years and for this period it is the alumni of these programs that have established themselves as leading names in their fields: they have won numerous awards, competitions, and honors. Many of the Department's alumni, e.g. Stefan Komandarev, Niki Iliev, Svetoslav Draganov, Pavel Vesnakov, etc., have gained enormous popularity due to their professional achievements.


The tutoring provided by the Department not only offers promotion and recognition in the relevant field in Bulgaria, but also high competitiveness abroad. The teaching team strives to develop basic qualities in young people: ethical and aesthetic culture, professionalism, assertion of author's ideas and global level of adequacy in the technological sphere.


The Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business maintains excellent partnerships with a number of industry organizations, Bulgarian and international companies in order to provide internships and placements for its students, participation in seminars with actively practicing guest lecturers, etc.


The Department organizes the annual Advertising Academy - a project of the NBU and the two largest branch organizations in the field of advertising: the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers and the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies. Within the framework of the project, students work, under the mentorship of leading practitioners, on real projects for creating advertising campaigns.


At present, the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business offers five Bachelor's programmes: Animation, Graphic Design, Cinema and Television, Advertising, Photography, minor programmes to the respective Bachelor's programmes, five Master's programmes: Animation Directing, Graphic and Spatial Design, Advertising Management and Visual Branding, Film and Television Art, and Photographic Art, and a postgraduate programme: Film Studies, Film Art and Television.


These programmes provide students with the opportunity to realize international mobility with universities in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Germany.


As proposed by the Department of Cinema, Advertising and Show Business, honorary doctorates of the NBU have been awarded to:
The world-famous Polish director prof. Krzysztof Zanussi was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of NBU on 13.05.2002;
The leading foreign researcher of Bulgarian cinema and animation Prof. Sergio Micheli from the University of Siena received the title Honorary Doctor at a ceremony on 15.12.2005;
The great composer Maestro Ennio Morricone was awarded the title Honorary Doctor of NBU on 11.12.2013.


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